# Clicks report

The clicks report shows all the clicks data for a particular campaign. You can open such a report both from the campaign, via the additional menu (to the right of the Log button) and click on "Clicks":

Also, via the main menu Reports → Clicks.

# 1. Quick selection of click parameters

This is a ready-made presets for the report. The main characteristics of the click are displayed with a drop-down list. For example, if you select the GEO preset, then you can go directly to such characteristics in the drop-down list:

  • Country.
  • State / Region.
  • City.

# 2. Filters

The filters for displaying certain values in the report:

  • Equals. The strict compliance of the specified parameter in the report line is checked.
  • Not equal. The strict inequality of the specified parameter in the report line is checked.
  • In list. The ability to select multiple values in a list.
  • Not in list. Exclude several values from the list.

# 3. Time range

Selecting the time interval of the report.

# 4. Columns

Selecting the main metrics that you want to display in the report.

# 5. Pagination

The number of report rows displayed on the page.

# 6. Export

Ability to export the report to CSV or HTML.

# How to change the sorting in a column

Click on the column name and the sorting will change.