# S2S Postbacks

# Traffic Source S2S Postback

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# Adding S2S postback

Keitaro adds S2S postbacks automatically when you choose a traffic source, but you may also add additional S2S postbacks.

  1. Open campaign page.
  2. Open S2S Postbacks tab.
  3. Press Add postback.
  • URL — set the address where to send a postback;
  • Status — choose the conversion status to send a postback.

# S2S postback FAQ

How to see the results of sent postbacks?

Open Maintenance → Logs → Sent postbacks.

How to send S2S postback to Telegram?
  1. Create a new bot on Telegram using @BotFather and a /newbot command.
  2. Add the name and save the token you receive.
  3. Open the chat with your new bot and write it the message.
  4. To get the bot's ID to send messages make a browser request with the following url:

Where insert bot's token from the step #2 instead the REPLACE. 5. You'll get the ID from the message line in the response:

:{"message_id":X,"from":{"id": ID}}`

Take the ID. 6. If everything is correct, and you got the response, you may use the URL from step 4 as an S2S postback link in a campaign in Keitaro. For example: https://api.telegram.org/botREPLACE/sendMessage?chat_id=ID&text={campaign_name}:{status}:{conversion_revenue} where {campaign_name} is the campaign's name from Keitaro, {status} is for conversion status, and the {conversion_revenue} is for the conversion's payout sum.

Why Keitaro send S2S postbacks with delay?

It collects them in a queue, then send when the next cron job is run.