# Google Ads

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The integration allows you to get costs by advertising campaigns from Google Ads in Keitaro.

# How to use Keitaro with Google ads to run campaign

  1. Advertising in Google.ads is launched according to the rules set by the owners of the Google platform;

  2. Based on numerous tests, the mere presence, or absence of Keitaro in the funnel does not affect the passage of moderation;

  3. Advertising can be approved or rejected without the presence of Keitaro in the funnel;

  4. Advertising can be approved or rejected with the presence of Keitaro in the funnel.

Here is a list of recommendations that will minimize the possibility of Google blocking the launch, if Keitaro is present in the funnel.

  1. Set Enable tracking cookies No in Maintenance — Settings — Main in Keitaro.

  2. Set the KClient PHP to your website, which will receive traffic.

# How to plug in the Integration?

  1. Login to the Keitaro as an Admin. Go to Maintenance — Integrations — Google Ads.

  2. Press Add account

  1. Log in to your Google account, allowing the Keitaro app to work with Google Ads data

  1. Fill in the Integration form

Name: the name of the integration, specify any convenient name. The name does not affect the work of the integration.

Customer ID: taken in the upper right corner from the Google Account and entered in the form without hyphens .

Google token — do not replace, do not edit. Filled in automatically from your Google account on registration.

Select the Keitaro campaigns to which you want to send the costs from this Google account.

# How to receive costs from the Google cabinet?

  1. In the Keitaro Integration settings, specify the necessary campaign, or campaigns, where you need to record costs

  1. Connect the Google Source template to these campaigns

  1. In the Google tracking template or in the Google campaign link, specify the Keitaro campaign parameters, added by the template to the campaign link

  1. The costs are transferred to the tracker automatically and are distributed to the necessary campaign by {campaignid} from the Source template. Keitaro receives the Google {campaignid} value with a click, and understands from which campaign the cost came and into which tracker's campaign it needs to be recorded.