# Keitaro License

# Get free license

Keitaro free license provides by default for 7 days after registration at our site. This license has full Pro license functionality.

# How to extend the license

  1. Log in keitaro.io

  2. Choose needed license edition from an existing license. Purchase a new ones just to install two, three and more trackers.

  1. Press Renew:

  1. Choose the period and go to the payment page:

# Change license edition

Changing the edition is free and avaliable in private cabinet at keitaro.io, section Licenses, button Change edition. It works according to the following logic and rules:

  1. If you have a valid license for any edition (Basic, Pro, Business), you can always change the type of edition to the needed one.

  2. During validity period change edition type only for upgrading an edition. To use the functions available in a more expensive version. Example: upgrade from Pro to Business to get access to Admin API. After you change the type to the more expensive one, the validity time is reduced. This is an automatic recalculation instead of an additional payment.

  3. If you downgrade a license, the validity period does not extend, and the money will not be refunded. To downgrade a license type, wait until the current license will be expired. And after making a license renewal by needed license type.

# License editions

Feature Basic Pro Business
Basic features
Domains 1
Users 1 5
Stream monitoring
Click API
WP Plugin
Facebook integration
Admin API
Priority support

# License linking

Keitaro links the license in two cases:

  1. When license key is entered after installing Keitaro.
  2. Someone opens the control panel.
When to unlink?

Unlink the license to transfer the license to another tracker or server.


How to change license IP?

Keitaro don't use license IP anymore. Press Unlink if the license must be transferred to another tracker.

How to know about license expiration?

You will receive a notification on the email before license expires.

What will happen after the license expire?

The tracker will stop working.

How to update license on Keitaro after paying?
  1. Open the control panel of the tracker.
  2. Press on the login, then press Refresh license.
How to downgrade the license?
  1. Log in keitaro.io.
  2. Press action button for license, then chose Change edition.
How change expiration time after upgrade?

Downgrading license doesn't change expiration time. It will stay the same.