# Settings Page

To open Keitaro settings, press Maintenance > Settings.

# Currency

Tracker currency.


Changing the currency won't convert current statistics in the database.

# Enable campaign autosave

Save automatically campaign after changing any value in the form.

# Directory to store LPs and Offers

Where to store files of the local landing pages on the server.

# Allow PHP

Allow uploading PHP scripts in local landing pages.

# Execution timeout for local landing pages and local offers

Timeout for local landing pages.

The tracker does not use cookies.

Disabling cookies is necessary to comply GDPR regulation.

# S2S postback timeout

Timeout for S2S postback request.

# Restrict access to control panel

Select domains which can be used to access to Keitaro's control panel (/admin).

# Ignore prefetch

Ignore PREFETCH request to the tracker.

# Enable sidebar

Turn on or off sidebar in Keitaro's control panel.

# Global Parameter Aliases

Global aliases for Campaign Parameters.

# Stats store term

How much time to keep statistics.

# LP token expire time

How much time token or Offer URL is alive.

# Collect clicks

Turn off to stop collecting new statistics.

# Display grid summary

Turn on to show summary row in Campaigns Report, Landing Pages Report, etc.

# Report dates in UTC

  • If it's turned on, Admin API will return all the dates in UTC.
  • If it's turned off, Admin API will return all the dates in the same time zone as report is requested.

# Store resources in archive

How much time to keep deleted resource in Archive.