# GEO Databases

# Supported Geo Databases



  • IP2Location DB3: Country-Region-City
  • IP2Location DB4: Country-Region-City-ISP
  • Sypex Geo City Lite
  • Sypex Geo City

NOT SUPPORTED! To get these databases you have to contact Maxmind support to get files only in legacy-formats:

  • Maxmind City Lite (country, region, city)
  • Maxmind City Full (country, region, city)
  • Maxmind ISP (country, region, city, ISP)
  • Maxmind Connection Types
  • Maxmind Country (country)

# How Can I improve the Quality of Country and City Lookups?

Use full versions of geo databases.

# How often are the databases updated?

  • Pro IP, IP2Location, Maxmind, and Sypex are updated monthly.
  • Operators database and bots database are updated twice a month.

# How to view IP-addresses in operators or bots databases?

Databases are in a binary format and are not for the viewing.

# How to add your own lists of operators?

It's not possible. You can use IP filter in a flow.

# Automatical installation of a ProIP database

  1. ProIP Essential.
  2. Enter login and password in Maintenace > Geo Dbs.

# IP2Location

Keitaro supports DB3 (City) and DB4 (ISP), IP2Location PX2 database (detecting proxy/vpn).

# Automatic uploading IP2Location DBs

  1. Purchase DB3 or DB4 ip2location.
  2. Enter login and password in Maintenace > Geo Dbs.

# Manual uploading IP2Location DBs

Purchase DB3, DB4, or PX2 database ip2location.

Upload BIN file to Keitaro:

  • DB4 (ISP) var/geoip/IP2Location/full_isp/IPV6-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP.BIN
  • DB3 (City) var/geoip/IP2Location/full/IPV6-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY.BIN
  • PX2 (vpn\proxy) /var/geoip/IP2Location/PX2/IP2PROXY-IP-PROXYTYPE-COUNTRY.BIN

# Why do IPv6 clicks go without the country?

IPv6 is supported only with ProIP and IP2Location databases. If you use these databases, you'll be able to see a country and the city despite of the fact, that there still will be an [IPv6] record.