# Passing traffic source parameters

To pass parameters from traffic source to affiliate network, we need:

  1. Set up the affiliate network.
  2. Set up an offer.
  3. Set up the traffic source.
  4. Assign traffic source to the campaign.

For this example, we'll take:

  • Exoclick as traffic source.
  • Adcombo as an affiliate network.

# Adding traffic source

Add a traffic source. Choose "Exoclick.com" as template:


If it's the first time when you seting up Exoclick, make sure you set correct goal value in S2S Postback.

# Adding affiliate network

There are four additional available subaccounts for parameters in AdCombo:

Add an affiliate network to the tracker. Choose template "Adcombo.com":

Parameter subacc4 is already reserved for passing subid, but have also subacc1, subacc2, and subacc3.

Add additional params:

# Assign traffic source

Open the campaign setting, and choose "Exoclick.com" as traffic source.

Now visit the Campaign URL, then check the Adcombo statistics:

# If it doesn't work

  1. Check if all the parameters are set in Campaign and you use correct Campaign URL.
  2. Open Clicks log. Add parameters as columns to the report.
Local landing page

Make sure placeholders:


<a href="https://shrt.ad.com/ad2?sub1={utm_source}">Take a trial</a>

Check you set the affiliate network to the offer.

Install Redirect Path to see the whole redirects chain.