# Setup domain

A domain in Keitaro is necessary for the functioning of campaigns with secure HTTPS connections to prevent traffic loss and ensure the availability of campaigns to your target audience. Domain parking is also essential for the proper work of the tracker and its functions. In Keitaro, a domain functions as a link to campaign content. For more details, look to the next section on this page.

# Purchasing and parking domain to Keitaro

Choose any preferred domain registrar. For example, namecheap.com. Mandatory: use new purchased or clear domain. It must not reffering to any IP or hosting. You must not use one domain for Keitaro and any other software, hosting, IP. The domain must be used just for Keitaro tracker.

Full-step guide how to purchase domian from Namecheap and park it to Keitaro. (Use EN subtitles, please.)


Starter license allows only one domain.

# Purchasing and parking a domain from Namecheap

This is the text and screenshots description about how to purchase and park a domain to Keotaro

Register at Namecheap and purchase domain there.

After the domain is registered, please check the DNS configuration for a domain. You must add an A-record.

Go to the Admin Dashboard and click Manage for your domain:

Choose Advanced DNS settings:

Add A-record:

  • Choose "A Record" in the first column;
  • @ for Host;
  • The Keitaro's server IP as "Value" (available for viewing on the Domains tab in Keitaro tracker);
  • Select the lowest value for "TTL".

# (Optionally) Enable IPv6 for domain**

To connect a domain to a tracker, you need to add an AAAA-record with the IPv6 address of the server.

  1. Specify the correct IPv6 of your tracker server in DNS-records managing panel:

  1. Add a domain to the tracker at the tab Domains-Add:

# Add domain in Keitaro**

  1. Open Domains tab;
  2. Press Add button.
  • Domain. Domain name or list of names separated by , (comma).
  • Group. Select a group, create a new one, or leave the section blank.
  • Crawlers. The displaying and promoting domains in Google search. If indexing is *Disabled*, when querying /robots.txt, the domain will show: disallow: /. File editing is not available.
  • Admin Dashboard An ability to open Keitaro Admin Dashboard using this domain name: domain.com/admin. If the access to the Admin Dashboard is denied from all domains, log in to the tracker using the server_ip/admin link. Access to the tracker via IP is managed in Maintenance — Settings.
  • HTTPS-only. Forcefully redirects from http:// to https://.
  • Cloudflare proxy. Using Cloudflare domain managing system abilities (including DNS and Proxy).
  • Index page. Use a campaign as an entry page for the domain.
  • Intercept 404. Directing the request from non-existing URL-pages to domain.com.
  • Add more. The ability to add more domains, using the same form.

# SSL certificate (HTTPS)

When DNS is refreshed and domain is assigned to the server, the tracker automatically request for SSL certificate. After issuing the certificate the domain will work with HTTPS.

What are the limits for certificates issuing?

The Letsencrypt service is a provider of the certificates. And they have their limits of certificate quantity per time gap. See https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/ page.

How to fix "Request limits exceeded"?

There can only be 5 unsuccessful tries to issue a certificate during an hour. You'll see "Request limits exceeded" error after 5 tries. You need to wait for an hour to try an issue certificate again.

How to fix "Certificate issue is blocked"?

Make sure DNS is configured, upgrade your server, then delete the domain and add it to the tracker again.

# Adding subdomains

Edit domain DNS, add one more A-record, but use the subdomain name instead of @. Add the subdomain as a standard domain to Keitaro.

# Domains FAQ

Why is domain still unavailable?
  1. Check if A-record is present, whether it is assigned to the correct IP, and no more A-records present.

  2. If AAAA-record is present, make sure it is assigned to the correct IPv6 of the server.

How to check DNS?

Use dnschecker.org or via terminal.

Check for A-records:

dig A yourdomain.com +short

Check for AAAA-records:

dig AAAA yourdomain.com +short
What does if domain work, but SSL is not working?

Open domain's SSL log or Maintenance → Logs → SSL Certificates for explanation.

How to configure Cloudflare?

No changes are needed. Just add a domain to Cloudflare. Both Flexible and Full SSL modes are supported.