# Custom Report

You can create a custom report in the Report → Create Report menu.

# Grouping

Adding all the necessary columns with metrics to the report.

# Time range

Selecting the time interval of the report.

# Filters

Filters for displaying certain values in the report

  • Contains. Search for the specified value in the report line.
  • Not contain. The absence of the specified value in the report line is checked.
  • Equals. The strict compliance of the specified parameter in the report line is checked.
  • Not equal. The strict inequality of the specified parameter in the report line is checked.
  • Match regexp / No match regexp. The ability to set a regular expression as a searchable/excluded value.
  • Starts with / ends with. Search for matches with the specified value from the beginning of the report line.

# Metrics

Selecting the main metrics that you want to display in the report.

# Save

The ability to add a report to Favorites, for quick access.

# Pagination

How many rows to display.

# Export

Ability to export the report to CSV or HTML.


How to change the sorting in a column

Click on the column header to change the sorting.

How to change the currency in reports?

The storage currency can be set on the Maintenance → Settings page. If you already have data in the database, then they will no longer be converted into a new currency. The changes will only affect the new data.

How to update revenue?

See How to update costs page.

How to provide access guest access to the report?

Create a new user and provide access to the that campaign and report.

How to change the order of columns in reports

Press the Columns button. Here you can arrange columns in desired order by dragging the names.

Why reports doesn't include up-sells in conversions column?

It is made to prevent calculating incorrect CR (Conversion Rate). You can add column/metric "Up-sells" to your reports.

How to filter clicks with an empty referer?
  1. Go to Clicks Log > Filters.
  2. Select "Referer" filter.
  3. Choose Regexp as a condition.
  4. Put ^$ as a value.