How to open the control panel?

Open in the browser https://tracker_domain/admin/.

How to reset Keitaro password

Read Restoring password page.

How to transfer Keitaro to another server?

See Transfer tracker to another server page.

Why Keitaro doesn't show new statistics?
  • Check for errors in System log.
  • Check Status window.
  • If command queue is increases, the possible reasons:
    • Keitaro receives postbacks more than server can process now (fixed in Keitaro 9.14).
    • Keitaro receives more requestst to update the costs than server can process now. In that case you must receive less numbers of requests or update server characterstics.
Why Keitaro loose clicks?

  • Compare the number of "raw" clicks (hits). Keitaro uses its own algorithms for uniqueness.
  • Compare the stats in the same time zone with the affiliate network.
  • (ONLY for the trackers installed via the terminal). Go to Maintenance > Status and check the max children reached. If the value is more than 10, write to our support team, we will help you to set up PHP-FPM.
  • Check your scripts work in AdBlock.
  • A lot of bot can stuck in the redirects such as meta-redirect or double meta-redirect. Keitaro could not mark them as bots, but some bots can't go through these types of redirects. To check this, make a redirect to another campaign and see the difference.
  • Check all the flows, make sure all destinations work.
  • Check Maintenance > Logs > System Log for errors.
  • If you use CloudFlare, switch Firewall to "essentially off". Disable the compression.
  • Validate your domains with host-tracker.com, http://urlvoid.com and http://virustotal.com.
  • In case Keitaro is integrated with Script or Iframe, the traffic loss could happen because bots or browsers with high level security settings are visiting the page.
  • Check the log /var/log/nginx/access.log. Check if there are 500 or 502 errors. For example: - - [16/Nov/2017:03:36:01 +0200] "GET /cmp HTTP/1.1" 502 1243 "http://test.com. 502 means your server doesn't handle the current load. 500 means the system (see Maintenance → Logs).
Why Keitaro and Google Analytics show different statistics?

If the site is the source of traffic:

  • Check if the domain is present in antivirus databases through virustotal.com;
  • Check if there are problems in Keitaro functionality, check the logs /var/log/errors.log и keitaro_errors.log;

If the site is the traffic receiver:

  • Compare hits, uniques are counted differently in different systems. If the server statistics, for example, WebStat is installed, check their indices.
  • Keitaro can skip the bots if those do not load the counters.
  • Counters may be blocked by browser plugins.
Why Keitaro and Facebook show different statistics?

Possible reasons:

  • Your ads are visited by spy services like AdMobiSpy.
  • You compare the stats in different time zones or for different periods.
  • Facebook doesn't calculate repeated clicks, check unique clicks.
  • Turn off Prefetch settings.
  • You are using an old klick_client.php library or WP plugin.
Why postback doesn't work?

Read Postbacks page.

How to work multiple currencies

Keitaro can use only one currency, but it can receive data from third-party services in any currency. Keitaro converts the currencies according to current exchange rates.


How to turn on Dark Mode?

The dark theme is available on new tariffs. Learn more about dark theme and other features.