# PHP interfaces

# Stream

Method Type Description
getName() string
getActionType() string Flow action or redirect type
getActionPayload() mixed URL or text
getActionOptions() mixed Action or redirect options
getComments() string Flow comments or notes
getCampaignId() int Campaign ID
getPosition() int Flow position
getWeight() int Flow weight
getSchema() string 'redirect', 'action', or 'landings'

# Landing

Method Type Description
get($fieldName) mixed Get value of $fieldName

# Offer

Method Type Description
get($fieldName) mixed Get value of $fieldName

# Traffic source

Method Type Description
get($fieldName) mixed Get value of $fieldName

# Campaign

Method Type Description
get($fieldName) mixed Get value of $fieldName

# RawClick

Method Type Description
getStreamId() int
getCampaignId() int
getLandingId() int
getOfferId() int
getUserAgent() string Browser's useragent
getIpString() string Click IP
getCountry() string Country ISO code
getRegion() string Region or state code
getCity() string City
getLanguage() string Language ISO code
getBrowser() string Browser name
getBrowserVersion() string Browser version
getOs() string Operating System
getOsVersion() string OS version
getSe() string Search engine name
getOperator() string Mobile operator
getConnectionType() string Connection type
getIsp() string ISP
getKeyword() string
getReferrer() string Referrer
getDeviceType() string Device type
getDeviceModel() string Device model
isUsingProxy() boolean Is proxy
isBot() boolean Is bot
isUniqueStream() boolean Is unique for flow
isUniqueCampaign() boolean Is unique for campaign
getSubId() string SubId
getCreativeId() string From campaign parameters
getExternalId() string From campaign parameters
getAdCampaignId() string From campaign parameters
getSource() string From campaign parameters
getSubIdN($number) string From campaign parameters
getCost() string Click cost

# AbstractAction

Method Type Description
getRawClick() RawClick Get instance of RawClick
getStream() Flow Get an instance of Flow
getCampaign() Campaign Get an instance of Campaign
getLanding() Landing Get an instance of Landing Page
getOffer() Offer Get an instance of Offer
getServerRequest() ServerRequest PSR-7 ServerRequest
getActionPayload() mixed Get action payload after placeholders applied
getRawActionPayload() mixed Get action payload before placeholders applied
getActionOptions() mixed Get action options
addHeader($string) void Add header sting to the response
redirect($string) void Do the same as addHeader('Location: ...')
setContent($string) void Set output
setContentType($string) void Set content type (for example, application/javascript)
setStatus($number) void Set HTTP header status (for example, 302)
setDestinationInfo($string) void Set value for "Destination"

# AbstractFilter

Method Type Description
getServerRequest ServerRequest PSR-7 ServerRequest

# AbstractClickMacro

Method Type Description
getServerRequest ServerRequest PSR-7 ServerRequest

# AbstractConversionMacro

The same as AbstractClickMacro interface

# FlowFilter

Method Type Description
getPayload() mixed Filter values
getMode() string Current filter mode