# Offers report

The page is for managing offers and see the offers' statistics.

# Main section

# Create

Create a new offer.

# Groups

Manage offers groups.

# Metrics

Manage columns with metrics.

# Groups filter

Show offers that assigned to a specific group.

# Affiliate networks filter

Show only offer assigned to a specific affiliate network.

# States

Show only offers in a specific state.

# Time range

Specify what time range must be applied to statistics.

# Refresh

Pressing the button updates the statistics.

# Bulk actions

To perform bulk action, select the rows with checkboxes.

# Stats table

Shows the offers and the statistics.


The users see only offers that are allowed by Admin.


Why does the cost differ in Offers / Affiliate Networks and in Campaigns?

The Offers / Affiliate Networks pages don't calculate costs when there weren't any offer visits. Check the campaign's reports — Campaign > Reports > Offers and Campaign > Reports > Affiliate Networks.