# S2S Postback Placeholders

Use placeholders to insert values in S2S Postbacks.

# How to use placeholders

Placeholders can be used in Postback URL to substitute the values.




The values are encoded by default. To insert raw values, add _ before the name. Example:


# Built-in placeholders

Placeholder Aliases Description
{subid} Subid
{external_id} External ID that received from traffic source
{tid} Transaction ID
{ad_campaign_id} Ad campaign ID
{browser_version} Browser version
{browser} Browser name
{city} City name
{connection_type:lang} Connection type
{cost} Cost of the click
{current_domain} Current tracker domain
{creative_id} Creative ID
{date:format} Date (UTC by default)
{device_model} Device model
{device_type:lang} Device type
{destination} Destination (Landing URL, Offer URL, flow redirect URL or flow text)
{from_file:file} Load content from the file %%var/macros/file%%
{ip} IPv4 address
{is_bot} Returns 1 if it's a bot
{is_using_proxy} Returns 1 if it's a proxy
{isp} ISP
{keyword:charset} Keyword or query
{landing_id} Landing ID
{language} Language code (ISO 639-1)
{offer_id} Offer ID
{os_version} Version of the Operating System
{os} Operating System
{parent_campaign_id} Previous campaign (when using "Send to campaign")
{profit} Profit value (revenue - cost)
{random:min,max} Random number between 'min' and 'max'
{sample:val1,val2,valN} Returns randomly selected value
{source} Site (previously named source)
{traffic_source_name} Name of the traffic source
{ts_id} ID of the traffic source
{visitor_code} Unique visitor code
{campaign_id} keitaro_campaign_id Campaign ID
{campaign_name} keitaro_campaign_name Campaign name
{country:lang} country_code,country_name Country name (leave lang empty to get country code)
{operator:lang} carrier Mobile operator (outdated)
{referrer} referer Referrer
{region:lang} region_name Region name (leave lang empty to get region code)
{search_engine} se Value of parameter 'se'
{user_agent} ua,useragent Browser's user agent
{conversion_cost} Cost from conversion
{conversion_revenue} Revenue from conversion
{conversion_profit} Profit from conversion
{original_status} Original status received in postback
{status} Conversion status

# Replacing Keitaro status to another ones

You can specify how to convert them:

{status: lead=install sale=bill rejected=trash}

Another example:

{status: rejected=-1 lead=0 sale=1}

# Converting currency

Add currency name as a param. Example:


Available currencies: eur, usd, gbp, rub, uah.

# Adding new macros

Read on page Creating new Placeholder.