# Simulation

pro business

The simulation checks the behavior of campaign flows. That feature doesn't send real traffic, so you can't send fake traffic with it.

# Campaign

Perform simulation on a specific campaign.

# Queries count

How many queries will to make.

# Not include in statistics

The visitors within the simulation time do not appear in statistics.

# Data for flow filters

Here you can add different characteristics

  • IP addresses. The list of IP addresses.
  • Referrers. List of referrers.
  • Keywords. List of keywords.
  • User Agents. List of user agents.
  • Languages. List of language ISO 639-1 codes.

# Recovery of initial values

To recover the lists supplied together in Keitaro delete the var/stores/simulation.custom.json file.

# How to add your own parameters

Add to the Parameters list: