# Creating offers

# Main settings

# Offer name

Offer name.

# Group

Offer group.

# Affiliate network

The selected affiliate network adds the necessary tags to the offer URLs. When adding an affiliate network, the affiliate indicators are available in the reports.

# Local

Local offer: the ability to upload a ZIP archive with an offer to the tracker. The offer is opened without any redirect.

# Redirect

Selecting the redirect type to switch to the offer. Read more in the section Redirects and actions.


Enter the address of your own offer or one received from an affiliate network.

# Settings

# Countries

Works only as notes. The selected countries will help you quickly select the right offers for your flows. To target traffic by country, use filters in flows.

# Payout type

On paying for a CPA action, income is accrued after the postback is received.

On per-click CPC, revenue is billed when a user is sent to the offer.

# Payout

Possibility to specify a fixed payment amount or select Auto. In the second case, the payment amount is taken from the postback received from the affiliate network. For example, if the postback received is &payout=5&currency=usd, the payout will be $5.

# Allow upsells (rebills)

Upsells (rebills) increase the payment received without increasing the number of conversions (leads, sales). A prerequisite is to pass a unique value in the tid parameter so that the postback is not discarded as non-unique. If the Upsell option is off, repeated postbacks with the same subid value are ignored.

# Conversion cap

Sets a daily conversion limit.

Read the Conversion Cap page.

# Values

Read the page multioffers

# Notes

Ability to enter a text note for an offer.