# Offers

Offers are target pages where visitors get. These could be affiliate network landing pages.

# Creating an Offer

# Main Tab

# Name

The name of an offer.

# Affiliate Network

A chosen affiliate network template will add necessary parameters to offers' URLs. You’ll be able to see affiliate network results in reports.

# Redirect

The choice of a redirect which takes visitors to an offer. Read more on Redirects and Actions.


Fill the offer's URL you received in your affiliate network. You can use macros here. If you enabled a postback in an affiliate network, transferring a {subid} is a must or postbacks won’t work.

# Local Offer

Local Offer feature allows uploading zip-archives to a tracker. The uploaded offer will be opened without any redirects.

# Additional Tab

# Group

The choice of the group the offer belongs to.

# Countries

Chosen countries help to select necessary offers for streams. Use filters in the streams to split the traffic by countries.

# Payout Type

  • Cost per Action (CPA) – the revenue is added only after a postback is received.

  • Cost per Click (CPC) – the revenue is added immediately after a visitor is sent to an offer.

# Payout

You can set a fixed payout amount here or choose an “Auto”. If you use “Auto” the payout amount will be taken from an affiliate network postback. E.g., if there's &payout=0.5&currency=usd in a received postback, $0.5 will be set for an offer.

# Rebills

Rebills allow making a received payout higher without making more conversions (leads or sales. There should be an obligatory “tid” parameter in order not to make a postback not unique. If Rebills feature is disabled, repeated postbacks with the same “subid” will be ignored.

# Conversion cap

Conversion cap limits the number of conversions which could be received on the offer daily. When Conversion Cap is enabled you can set up daily cap, timezone and the alternative offer where to send the traffic when the cap is reached.

# Notes Tab

You can add any notes to the offer. These notes are visible only to you.