# Quick Start

# Buy a VPS

This is the server which can handle 200k clicks daily. Buy it.

  • SSD pricing plan.
  • Choose the location close to your target geo.
  • Cent OS 7/8 operating system.
  • Empty server, no panels.

# Buy a license

Buy a Professional license for Keitaro.

You will need to register, choose license time and insert your VPS's IP.

# Install a tracker

Send us an ssh access to your server - IP, root and password and the license key. We will install Keitaro in an hour during our business hours.

Or you can install Keitaro yourself following this guide.

# How to login to Keitaro admin panel

After the installation is completed you’ll get the admin URL, the login, and the password. Save them for future use.

If you forgot to save your info, reset the password.

# Video: creating your first campaign in Keitaro

Last Updated: 12/14/2020, 12:43:06 PM