Fee-Based Services

TDS Installation

TDS installation on a compatible host or server. Price: $10.

The service includes:

  • Creating a database
  • Installing Keitaro TDS scripts
  • Adding a task to a cron.

Setting up a server under Keitaro TDS

The price includes: installation of Nginx, PHP-FPM, Redis, Memcached, ioncube and Keitaro TDS on a blank server. We recommend to buy servers based on CentOS 7.

Price: $60

Transfer TDS to Another Server

The service includes:

  • Transfer data from database
  • Transfer files
  • Setting up Keitaro under new surroundings.

Price: $30

Installation of ioncube on PHP 5.5/5.6/7.0

Installation of ioncube extension for the current version of PHP.

Price: $10

Upgrading PHP and ioncube

Upgrading PHP to version 5.6 and ioncube to 5.

Price: $20

How to Make an Order

Send a letter to support@keitarotds.com, write which services you want and your e-maill. You will receive an invoice that you can pay at your personal account.

After payment send to support@keitarotds.com access details to hosting/server:

  • Domain name or IP
  • Login, password to SSH, FTP or SFTP
  • User name, database name an password to MySQL (or access details to server admin panel)

Note: ioncube, nginx, php-fpm installation is possible only to servers via SSH.