# Adding Affiliate Networks

# Settings

  • Template name. Check if Keitaro already have a prepared template.
  • Name. Affiliate network name.
  • Offer parameters. Parameters that must be added to each offer URL. Example, &sub1={utm_source}&sub2={utm_term}
  • Postback URL. You must set up the postback in the affiliate network. Please read Affiliate Network Postback.

# Adding affiliate network without template

Find the list of available parameters for offer URL and documentation for postback.

Below you can find the Exoclick example:

  • Field 1 is the link for the S2S postback. Please note that in some links you need to change the value of some parameters. In this example, you need to replace YOUR_ID with your ID from the Exoclick account.
  • Column 2 consists of all available parameters in Exoclick.
  • Raw 3 has a parameter with Exoclick's click ID. This value will be sent back to Exoclick with the conversions from Keitaro.
How to add a new template to Keitaro?

Send email to support@keitaro.io with following details:

  • Name of the affiliate network.
  • URL of instructions on how to set up postback.
  • Currency.
  • Available parameters for offer links.