How to Choose a Server for Keitaro

Keitaro is a self-hosted tracker, which means it requires a server to be installed to.

Keitaro can be installed only on empty dedicated servers or VPSs on CentOS 7 without any panels.

Our auto-installation script allows you to install Keitaro easily with all components that the tracker needs.

For more information about the single-click installation read How to Install Keitaro page.

Vultr — cheapest virtual servers in Europe, USA and Asia. Allows upgrade server without reinstalling the tracker. Installation Guide

DigitalOcean - high-quality servers in North America. Installation Guide

Microsoft Azure - virtual dedicated servers from Microsoft. Installation Guide

Hetzner - high-quality servers in Europe and all over the world.

Software Requirements

  • CentOS 7 or higher
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Empty server
  • No panels (no cPanel, Vesta, etc.)

Hardware Requirements

20GB SSD is minimal required. 1M clicks statistics take approximately 1GB of disk space. Minimum 2 GB RAM is required.

Average traffic volume 50 000 visitors per day:

  • 1CPU, 2GB RAM

Average traffic volume 200 000 visitors per day:

  • 2CPU, 2GB RAM (without Redis and PHP-FPM)

Average traffic volume of more than 200 000 visitors per day:

  • 2CPU, 4GB RAM (Redis, PHP-FPM)

Average traffic volume of more than 500 000 visitors per day:

  • 4CPU, 6GB RAM (Redis, PHP-FPM)

More than 1 million visitors:

  • 8 CPU, 8GB RAM (Redis, PHP-FPM)

How much disk space does Keitaro require?

20GB SSD minimum for normal operation of the server. Then it will depend on how much statistics is necessary to store.

1 000 entries of detailing transition take ~ 1 MB at MySQL. For example, you expect 200 000 visitors per day and stats will be stored in the past month:

200 000 × 31 / 1 000 = ~6.2 GB

This calculation is very inaccurate, but it allows you to buy the necessary disk space in advance.